Reinstatement on the Horizon?

Mathew Klug

Adrian Peterson has been the name of controversy in the NFL, and a sore spot for Viking fans everywhere. He was charged with “reckless assault”; he is reported to have whipped his four year old son.

Peterson has been placed on the NFL wall of shame along with Ray Rice — Rice is in the midst of trials relating to domestic abuse charges. Unlike Ray Rice, Peterson still has a chance of playing with the Vikings by the end of the year.

On Tuesday November 4th Adrian Peterson pleaded “no contest” to his misdemeanor charge. Adrian Peterson’s plea of no contest is an alternative claim which states that the he neither admits nor disputes the charge. With this plea Adrian Peterson avoids jail time and leaves his options open for reinstatement in the NFL.

Adrian Peterson pleaded “no contest” to his misdemeanor charge.”

The NFL is asking for photo the evidence from the case. They would like to publicize the images of Peterson’s child’s marks in the hope of addressing the problem of domestic abuse; with this action, the NFL is taking its stance against domestic abuse, and foreshadowing the establishment of new policies regarding players’ punishments.

Adrian Peterson’s fate of playing with the Vikings this season is in discussion, and will be decided upon this week.