Fantasy Football: A Breakdown of the Game

Joe Schwieters

Snow falls, thinning air, and plummeting temperatures, can only mean one thing: Football. As we gather together on a chilly Sunday afternoon and watch this distinctively American game, many of us dream of getting a chance to create and run our own teams. With the help of technology and some imagination, it is possible.

Fantasy Football is a game based around the American Football, where the player acts a team owner, and has to ability to draft, control, and manage their own teams. The game provides a chance to battle friends in multigame match ups using multimillionaire players as our own pawns.

Competing in this fantasy world offers an oasis of freedom from school stress.”

— Joe Schwieters

As a Fantasy Football team owner myself, I can tell you that competing in this fantasy world offers an oasis of freedom from school stress. The weekly job of setting up lineups and the endless talks of trades and match ups throws palpable anticipation for the weekend’s football games. The weekend games not only decide the actual football season, but determine the bragging rights among our friends. As a pass time and a competition, Fantasy football is a great way to enhance the football season and get through the tough winters.