A Horrible Wrap – how not to botch your gift wrapping


Elise Miller

Christmas is the season for presents, and with those presents comes the task of gift-wrapping. Like many other people, I too struggle to wrap a present. Many a Christmas morning has been marred when people see my gifts, and laugh at my hard effort. For those of you out there who are like me, this year I made it my mission to save myself the shame, and learn how to wrap a present. After doing my research, I have finally found the perfect and easiest way to wrap a present.

First, if the present is hard to wrap, such as a shirt or any item of clothing, put it in a box. Do not spend hours trying to wrap a shirt, the box will make your life much easier. Second, make sure you have wrapping paper on hand, you do not want to have to use newspaper, but if you are forced to use newspaper, use the colored comics.

Now that you have accomplished this much, you can move onto the next step, this is where it gets more complicated, so hold on and stay focused. Put your box in the middle, and make sure you have lots of wrapping paper, you can cut off paper, but you can never add paper on. After finishing this, mark where you are going to cut, use a straight edge so that your line is nice and straight. Fold your paper over the sides, but what you can do is fold the cut edge under, so that you have a nice clean cut. Take a piece of tape, and attach it.

Now you just have the two bases of the box to do! Do one end at a time. Take the edges and fold them in, so you have a trapezoid like shape. Once again fold the top of this over so that you do not have the cut edge showing. Tape, and repeat. Congrats, you did it! You can now wrap Christmas presents like a professional!