Prep Stress?

Is this how YOU feel?

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Is this how YOU feel?

When thinking of Saint John’s Prep, some people tend to have biased thoughts about how hard the students that attend it work. Among many of the stereotypes that are associated with Saint John’s Prep is that in addition to in addition to their athletics and arts, Prep students are bombarded with hours upon hours of homework every night, leading to an endurance run of  four rigorous, but stressful years filled with tears and misery.

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As a student at Saint John’s Prep, I have the right to either deny or validate this idea with all its extremities, but I can’t speak for everyone. However, based on what I’ve heard and seen from my friends and fellow students throughout my four years here, I can speak for a certain percentage of the student body at this school.

Among many of the stereotypes that are associated with Saint John’s Prep is that in addition to in addition to their athletics and arts, Prep students are bombarded with hours upon hours of homework every night. . .”

— Salma Muftah

The truth is, there is no solid yes or no answer. It depends. Some students will say a definite yes, while others will shrug and say that  some days are a breeze, but others are hard, stressful. Sometimes, students will get loads of homework for one or two days, and then for the rest of the week, they will have minimal homework. Based on my experience, there are a few scattered weeks among the school year when I feel like pulling my hair out because of all the due dates and heavy assignments that are coming at the same time. However, the rest of the weeks are usually manageable, even with extra-curricular activities. I recognize that the degree to which a student feels stress at Prep generally depends on each student’s capabilities with time management or because of the number of subjects taken or assignments due. However, most Prep teachers are usually understanding and will give students extensions and/or try to help them if they are ever in need of a boost. One just has to be responsible and ask in advance.

Even though there are some tough times during the school year, that doesn’t ever stop me from loving to go to school. I mean, there definitely are days that I don’t want to get out of bed, but the reason for that is never that I’m too stressed and that my workload is affecting me negatively. If anything, I’m thankful for all of those stressful, tight days, because those are the ones which taught me, and continue to teach me a very valuable lesson: how to manage my time and fit everything that I need to get done into my schedule. These are the days that teach efficiency and prioritizing. And this is one of the many goals Prep tries to teach its students, so that college, and life in general, can flow easier later.