Katy Walz

During this time of the year high-school students everywhere, usually juniors and sometimes seniors, are preparing for their tests of ACT and SAT. In order to prepare for these tests fulling, there are many steps that one must take so that they will improve their scores.

A first step in this process is to do some research about which test may be right for you, if not both, and if you will need to take any subject tests. Either talk with a counselor, go online, or get a parent to help. As well as this, the differences about the SAT and ACT should be considered before deciding and signing up for the test. The main difference between them is that the SAT is scored up to 2400, deducts 1/4 a point for every answer wrong, and is considered a reasoning test, while the ACT is scored up to 36, with no deductions, and is a content-based test.

To prepare for these tests, one should learn test taking strategies, take practice test after practice test, and focus on particular parts of the tests that you feel you are weakest at. Along with this, time yourself so you know where you would be in comparison with the real thing, and also take practice tests in different environments and at different places so that you can get the real feel for what the environment may be like during the actual test. Another thing that would help is to do one problem a day up until the day of the test as a way to take a break from the long practice tests.

Finally, on the day of the test make sure you have your materials, pencils, calculators, water, and a high protein snack. When taking the test, focus on the questions and not the results, allowing for a calmer test taker and better results. With these in mind, good luck and happy test taking!

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