The Imitation Game Movie Review


“Sometimes it is the people nobody imagines anything of that do the things no one can imagine.” Alan Turing, a stuttering and antisocial English mathematician, committed suicide after being prosecuted for his homosexuality – and yet, his invention saved thousands of lives and won the Allies countless victories during World War Two. Without the progress made at Bletchley Park, where a group of English code-breaking geniuses were holed in a so-called radio factory, and Turing’s invention of the first computer, it’s a possibility that German forces could have won the second World War. “The Imitation Game” is the true story of Alan Turing and the importance of Bletchley Park.

Played by Oscar-nominated actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Alan Turing is a captivating, enigmatic, and intriguing lead character. As I watched The Imitation Game, I was absorbed in Turing’s story and enraged at its outcome. The Imitation Game is nominated for eight Oscars, including Best Picture, and I would say it’s most definitely a must-see movie of 2015.