Knowledge Bowlers Lose Their Way, but not their Meets

The Knowledge Bowl season is in full swing, which means a bus load of students making weekly treks to high schools around central Minnesota to answer 240 questions on every topic you can think of.  Saint John’s Prep’s teams have been performing great, and are now preparing for the playoffs.

This Tuesday, we headed to Sauk Rapids for the first meet of the season not to take place on a Saturday. We got off to a depressing start as half of the team got lost on their way to the first round. However, the Knowledge Bowlers slid into their seats and proved their trivia knowledge far exceeds their sense of direction. Prep took first and third place in varsity and third place in JV.

The weekend of Interim, the team embarked on the longest drive of the season to North Branch. Luckily, events arranged themselves to make it possible to get a coach bus and watch Indiana Jones on the way there. The North Branch meet is unique because they write their own questions and give every round an interesting theme. This time, we started off with Heroes and Villians, and later tackled Math and Science, middle school questions, and Home Sweet Home, where each question was about or contained the word home.

Posing in front of a grain elevator…only at North Branch

With the JV tournament approaching in a couple of weeks, the Knowledge Bowlers are focusing on getting faster on the buzzer. A bit more work on this skill and all of our JV teams could jump to the top of the playing field. The JV meet will be held at the Quad, hosted by Saint John’s.

On the varsity side of things, Teams One and Two will head to the sub-regional competition in March, and hopefully from there to regionals to make a bid at state.

So the next time you see a Knowledge Bowl member, try throwing something at them to test their reflexes, or if you have bad aim, perhaps just share an interesting fact.

Meet at Elk River, January 31