Keystone Pipeline XL

Keystone Pipeline XL

Hallela Hinton-Williams

This pipeline could make great changes in the way we buy gas”

Lately, everyone has seen a drop in gas prices.  They have been increasing and decreasing since November 2014.  Well, if TransCanada, an oil supplier, gets what they want prices could go down further.  TransCanada working together with a U.S.A. company are proposing a pipeline that will take raw oil from Canada and bring it down to the central U.S.  They say it will create jobs and boost the economy but some Nebraskan farmers don’t believe this.

The pipeline has been stopped from being built almost as long as the plan has been discussed.   Keystone pipeline XL will affect the mid-west states, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, the states planned to have the pipeline constructed the most.  Although, protests have been going strong the pipeline will be proposed again next year.

Many folks are against this pipeline, but some are jumping for joy.  This pipeline could make great changes in the way we buy gas and could temporarily create thousands of jobs.   It also might ruin crops and put more people out of jobs than in them.  Where do you stand on the Keystone Pipeline debate?  To find out more go to their website