Talking is Hard Album Review


Annie Ellis

Looking for music that’s perfect to dance to? Then Indie pop band Walk the Moon’s new album Talking is Hard is perfect for you. This record includes twelve catchy upbeat songs that are impossible to listen to without tapping your foot or dancing

The Cincinnati based group released their first self titled album in 2008 and their new album is a perfect follow up with the same kind of synth-heavy 80’s tone to it. On top of that, lead singer Nicholas Petricca’s vocals are flawless and very strong. I can definitely see an improvement since their previous album.

The album starts off with a perfect song for to play loud in the car with the windows down. It really highlights their lead single, “Shut up and Dance.” Bassist Kevin Ray shows his talent and always gives the songs a solid beat.
Guitarist Eli Maiman demonstrates his talent during one of the most surprising songs on the album called “Up 2 You.” The songs starts off slow and smooth and right in the middle changes drastically into a heavy rock song. When you first listen to the song you think to yourself that this must be the slow song of the album, and it turns out to be the exact opposite.

Also, you can’t forget the impressive drumming of Sean Waugaman, who’s catchy beat is never off. His drumming within this album is what will get the songs stuck in your head. After listening, you’ll definitely want to hear more.

With all these great musical talents, as well as the inventive songs, Talking is Hard is a record that I highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for music that is fun and happy. It captures Walk the Moon’s high energy level and  never leaves you bored. In the end, if I were to rate this album on a scale of one to ten it would be a strong 8.