A New Fairytale


It all stated with a glass slipper... Courtesy of marketingweek.com

Elise Miller

Kenneth Branaugh’s “Cinderella” gives a new look at an old fairytale. Lily James, an actress best known for her role as cousin Rose on Downton Abbey, plays a perfect Cinderella. Other notable actors and actresses include: Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden, Helena Bonham Carter, and Derek Jacobi. The movie has fantastic visual components, and is bright and fun to watch. Though not perfect, the movie certainly is a step up from the traditional Cinderella.

The movie does still contain some of its original sexist elements, but the new Cinderella has more depth than the animated one. A repeated saying throughout the movie that Cinderella strives to live by is: “Have courage and be kind.”, which she certainly does. The movie may not be filled with flashy fighting sequences, but it is a feel-good movie, and the feelings lingers on even after leaving the movie theater. The storybook ending might be the same, but there are many subtle differences throughout. We see a girl, who struggles with a horrible life, and who throughout her hardships, works hard to be kind. The Prince, instead of being the man that hits on a woman, and then forgets what she looks like after one night instead, sees a girl who is different, and who has values and the courage to stand up to him and tell him her mind. Cinderella was a movie that made you leave the theater feeling as if you yourself had been a part of the fairytale!