The Pros of Common Lunch

The Pros of Common Lunch

Katy Walz

The new common lunch change has many benefits, especially considering it is something new. By having a common lunch, where no classes take place, everyone has a chance to have lunch. There is the exception of those who decide by choice to take a college class during their lunch, or those volunteering at the writing center, however this is beneficial for them as that is one less period of a class they would miss. For students, there is less to worry about someone not being able to have their lunch. Similarly, with this lunch there are less students that need to eat during their class periods, decreasing the distraction in classrooms. As well as this, there are no strange lunch periods, because of this collective break.

This break is important because it elicits a change of environment.  Students either eat in the lunch room or outside,  restoring creativity, energy level, and concentration. By having this common lunch period, it allows for everyone (again, with the exception of those who opt for another class or activity) to have a break to rejuvenate their attention and energy, to socialize with those who they cannot see throughout the day. For most, the best part of this common lunch change is that even if you do not have a class with a friend, you can still enjoy lunch with them. More advantages to having one common lunch period is that with no classes going on, it is not disrupting to these classes like it would have been without this common period. Also, since all teachers have an open, it would be a quick time to meet with them to discuss any problems or questions.

One student says, “The common lunch has inspired me to make some major changes in my life. I used to eat a bag of M and M’s every day. Now, I have switched to Skittles, and I am already seeing the effects. My grades are up, the texture of my hair has greatly improved, and most importantly, I finally beat my score in Candy Crush.”

Overall, the positive qualities of having a common lunch are distinct. From being able to socialize with mostly everyone and anyone to making sure there is a solid opportunity to have lunch, this new common lunch decision has a long list of profiting factors.