What to get for Christmas?

Johanna Haeg

It’s that time of year again: the time when families and friends come together to celebrate the birth of Christ, when giving to others is more then receiving for yourself. Unfortunately, most teens can’t afford to go out and buy nice presents for people without overspending or just giving their friends everyday items, like a pencil. So, how can teens buy gifts for people with out over doing it or under doing it?

If you’re one of those people with one or two close friends who you’d like to give presents to this year, try $5 gifts cards to places like Cherry Berry or Starbucks, or simply inviting them over to make gingerbread cookies and a Christmas movie is a nice way to show your appreciation for them.

However if you have many people you hang out with, try to by them each a cheap and equal in value gift. This may prove to be a difficult task, going with candy canes or once again, Christmas cookies. If you have friends or family that are allergic to ingredients like dairy, homemade Christmas cards may seem childish and too mushy to some, but often just giving people letters with a handwritten complement is a lot more meaningful and touching than an $8 card that plays music.

Shopping for family members is most likely the easiest holiday shopping you can do. Shoveling Grandma and Grandpa’s driveway, cleaning the house without being asked to, or doing other chores for family is a way to express your gratitude for your family without spending a cent. Got little siblings or cousins? Target and other stores have a $5 and under movie section during the year, and buying a movie that the family can enjoy together with a bowl of popcorn is a simple and meaningful way to express appreciation towards your parents. However, if you do have a movie night, avoid movies with rated G or PG-13 if you have someone under 10 with you. Also try to avoid movies that are part of a series and go for a stand alone movie preferably a comedy and with little to no romance included. Unless it’s Star Wars of course.

Needless to say, even though you may have little to no luck finding the perfect Christmas present, most people will simply love and appreciate a meaningful hug.

Merry Christmas everyone, and good luck avoiding Krampus.