Ski Team Finally Gets a Home Meet


Until last week, Saint John’s Prep had not hosted a home ski meet in five years.  Extremely cold temperatures, lack of snow, and scheduling issues have forced our home meets to be moved or cancelled four years in a row.  This year, however, the ski team got a home meet at last.  On January 14th, skiers from seven schools gathered on the university soccer field to ski a 5K race through the St. John’s woods.

It was a nice change to hold a race at a new course, since most meets end up taking place at Riverside Park in St. Cloud.  The first two meets this season had to be held at Powder Ridge because there was no snow anywhere else — and it turns out that Nordic skiing up a downhill ski slope is not very fun.  The St. John’s course, however, has plenty of hills of its own.  Luckily our skiers were mentally prepared for both the long uphills and the rather treacherous downhills.

A shout out goes to our many new skiers this year for managing the difficult course.  Also thank you to Mr. Ellenbecker and the many volunteers from the Prep community, whose hard work made this meet possible.  The home meet was a great way to head into the final few weeks of the ski season.  And at the end of the meet, the prize for the top finishers was, of course, Johnnie bread.