An Anonymous Common Lunch Opinion.


Last year, Saint John’s Prep made a major change to students’ schedules: a common lunch time. For the past couple of years, there have been multiple lunch periods, but now, SJP students share a 40-42 minute lunch. Along with these changes come new perks like being able to use your cellphone and time to talk to your friends and comrades all at once. Yet with these changes come just as many problems as perks.

There are five plausible ways that students can receive their lunches at SJP. One, buy your lunch at school. Two, walk to Sexton for Johnny Java or Sexton food. Three, eat at the Reef. Four, bring your own lunch, or five, don’t bring your own lunch and steal some of your friend’s crackers when they aren’t looking. (Last one is not encouraged and may result in some angry friends). For many, bringing a cold lunch, going to Sexton, or going through the lunch line are the most common ways for lunch. And that’s fine. But is it just me, or has that lunch line been getting longer ever since school started again? Personally, I don’t mind the lunch line when I do get my lunch from the school but it’s annoying when you have to wait 5-7 minutes to reach the register.

Let’s admit it; human beings are not all that patient when we want something. So, often we distract ourselves with cell phones and conversing with our friends, which can contribute to the hold up of the lunch line. Still, I often hear people blame the wait on a certain group: the middle schoolers.

Personally, I don’t mind the middle schoolers as much but you can often here complaints of them spending too much time picking out a certain type of sandwich or horse playing with one another, or taking all of the good food, because they are closer to the lunch room. But no matter what people blame the crowded, slow lunchroom on, one thing is certain: There has to be a solution. Could Prep not put out a second register ran by either staff or student volunteers? Could we not make our decisions sooner? Couldn’t people preorder their lunches for the day? Could drones deliver us tacos on a silver plate? (I wish.)

As for people bringing cold lunches, some foods may require microwaving, causing people to bunch up near to microwave areas once again causing less space and more time waiting. On the bright side, most SJP students tend to just wait until the microwave is available to go warm up their delicious looking chicken and pasta and other homemade wonders.

Finally, the option of going elsewhere.  It takes about six minutes to walk to Sexton, and four minutes to get your food, leaving you about 24 minutes to eat. While Sexton has a bigger eating area and more delicious foods it leaves the eater considerably less time to eat and chat.  Other than that, Sexton is a pretty decent place to enjoy your lunch time — it’s less crowded than the fishbowl, but just as comfortable, and although it is the coldest time of the year it is still worth the cold walk to and from.  However,  until the weather gets better, most of us would prefer to just stay inside and eat in the school, in places like the lunchroom or the fishbowl.

The fishbowl is the most common place to sit down and eat your lunch. Before the common lunch, lunches in the fishbowl were generally less crowded and quieter, and in the fall, it wasn’t so bad, but now the fishbowl seems to be getting more crowded and a little louder everyday. And it’s no surprise that people enjoy the fishbowl with the couches, the location, and comfort. The fishbowl is one great place to eat, with its pros outweighing its cons.

All in all, the common lunch isn’t without its cons, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not without good changes as well. Yeah, I admit, there are some things that could be better about our lunches, but sadly I’ve been told that we cannot snap our fingers and expect the school to be transported to a 5 star resort in Florida. Oh well, at least we don’t have to eat our lunch in orange polyester jumpsuits. So I suppose the question is, are things good the way they are? Or should we just be grateful that it isn’t worse and mutter complaints when no one else is listening?