MLK JR Day at Prep


MLK Jr. Day was the holiday that Saint John’s Prep was centered in this past week.  There was a documentary last Friday, the 15th, a Mixed Blood performance in the 20th, and a short video the following Thursday.  These activities, orchestrated by Mr. Grandy and Mr. Fremo, are organized to teach and remind the student body about the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.  Each of these videos and performances were emotional and educational.  They remind us of a time when people’s rights were violated, but they non-violently fought back.  It teaches us, students that are being prepped to succeed in the world, the pain and horror that took place just a short time ago.  It warns us to not go back to these times, to stand up to injustice, to not let anyone control you with hate.

Even though these past few days may have felt like a nuisance, interfering with our regular schedules to show us information we already know, we can still learn from the videos and performance. We can get something out of it and carry it with us as we all leave the school and contribute to the world.  A great man was assianated teaching and fighting for everyone’s rights; the least we can do is make sure his teachings don’t die unheard.