Guthrie Trip 2016


On Tuesday, January 26, 2016 was the annual Guthrie theater trip. Every senior and junior in an English class travels to the Twin Cities and spends the day watching a play. This year the play being performed was Pericles, by Shakespeare. It was a performance originally done in Oregon and transferred here from Decmeber 2015- February 21, 2016.  This performance is also noted for being the premiere of the new artistic director of the Guthrie,  Joseph Haj.

Pericles is starts off with a young prince and his path through life. It starts out with him embarking on a journey to find a wife, he encounters some problems (a raging sea, for one) but eventually meets his love. However, it does not last long before his pregnant wife, Theisa, and Pericles, again, get shipwrecked. The three of them, including the infant, Marina, are separated for eighteen years by jealous queens, monasteries, and brothers. Unlike many Shakespearean plays, the play does end in a happy ending that leaves the audience content.

– “It was A-Mazing.” – Adam Lepinski 

Haj’s debut was a success to the Saint John’s Prep Class of 2016 and 2017. His use of music and art to portray emotions throughout the scenes was impressive. Songs punctuated the play, and were made even luckier with the use of live music. The use of set design was interesting, especially in regard to the “at sea” scenes.  Warren T. Carr’s performance as Pericles and the accompanying actor’s performances in several different roles, while not an uncommon method, was something very memorable.

This year’s Guthrie trip was a successful one. Here’s hoping next year’s trip will meet every expectation.