Book Review: 11 / 22 / 63

Book Review:  11 / 22 / 63

If you could stop the Kennedy assassination, would you? This is the question that Jake Epping is faced with during his normal life as a high school teacher in Maine.  With the ability to travel to September 9, 1958, Jake is given a mission to stop the Kennedy assassination, and possibly other past tragedies.  11/22/63, a novel by Stephen King, follows Jake through his begrudgingly accepted quest through the five years leading up to a moment that changed the course of history.

Throughout this novel, the pace shifts from rapid to achingly slow. However, every page makes you want to read the next.  Every choice (some you may agree with, others you may not) that the narrator makes impacts history, and to watch it happen in real time makes this a book unlike any other. The journey of Jake Epping is not only intriguing because of the rare opportunity he has, but also because readers can see the difference between the “Land of Ago” and the “Land of Now.”  This read keeps you engaged throughout and thoughtful about the impact of changing history.