April Mystery Series: Part 1

April Mystery Series:  Part 1

This is part one of three in our April Mystery Series. Comment on the article with your guess of who the culprit is! The answer will be revealed at the end of the month.


Mr. Miller’s physics students filed into the classroom, mentally preparing themselves to spend another day learning about electric charge. As they drowsily pulled pencils and calculators from their backpacks, one student suddenly perked up.

“Mr. Miller, weren’t you going to demonstrate the Van de Graaff generator today?” she asked.

The class turned to look at the pair of aluminum spheres on pedestals, used to demonstrate the power of electric charge to make your hair stand straight up on end. They then turned to Mr. Miller in confusion. The Van de Graaff generator was gone.

“Ah, yes,” said Mr. Miller. “About that. When I came into school this morning, the Van de Graaff generator was gone. I fear that it may have been…stolen.”


Across the hallway, Mr. Yanke’s chemistry students had just taken their seats.

“Okay, we have a lab today,” Mr. Yanke said. “We’ll be working with aluminum. Now, we almost couldn’t do this lab because when I tried to order the aluminum from the supplier, it was on backorder. Luckily for you guys, I was able to come up with some at the last minute.”


As the physics students left the classroom forty-two minutes later, something caught one boy’s eye. He stopped and stared at the collection of Knowledge Bowl trophies. “Hey, Mr. Miller,” he said. “Why have the metal plaques been removed from all of these?”


“Today we’ll be talking about recycling,” Ms. Johnson told her class. “It’s easy to recycle, and for some materials, you can actually get paid for bringing them in. For example, I just brought in some scrap aluminum to be recycled.”

In the hallway outside, two middle schoolers walked by.
“How’s the sludge test going for you?” one of them asked. “Have you figured out what’s in your sludge?”
“So far all we know is that it contains aluminum,” the other said.


Mr. Miller turned away from the Knowledge Bowl trophies and, wondering what time it was, glanced at his backwards-running clock. His eyebrows shot up in surprise. The clock was gone.


Who is the thief?  Leave a comment with your guess!