April Mystery Series: Part 2

April Mystery Series: Part 2

Part Two of the April Mystery Series. 

Mr. Miller turned to his class. “Don’t tell me this a late April fool’s day prank.” Half-jokingly, he crossed his arms and looked expectant for an answer.  The class stared back–annoyed the generator would not be demonstrated that day, yet curious to see what would happen next.

The bell rang, releasing the students, but one student hung around to look at Mr. Miller’s desk.

“Mr. Miller, why are there tea stains on all these tests?”


As the bell rings, two of Mr. Yanke’s students walk out of the classroom discussing the previous lab.

“Did you have trouble finding ‘R’ as well?”

“I did, our aluminum was too big, so there was tons of room for error.”

They walk to the Weber center for Prep Talk, passing by Mrs. Johnson as she reviews her notecards for her Earth day presentation.


“Mr. Miller, with something. One, two, three.” Sam Rogers claps along with the rest of the student body as Mr. Miller walks up to the front of the room.

“This morning my Van de Graff generator, specialty backwards clock, and the plaques on all the Knowledge Bowl trophies went missing. I need those things back or the Knowledge Bowl State Board will have to come down to the school and decide whether or not to replace them all. The Van de Graff generator is useful for class demonstrations and is expensive to replace without the insurance policy.  My clock, well, my clock is just cool. Email me with any information.”

Sam takes back the microphone. “With that, the word of the day is pecuniary meaning–”

“WAIT!!” Ms. Daiker runs up, hair on end, and grabs the microphone.  “To the students I sent an email to, remember to register in time. Currently it is 3:26–I mean 9:34. The deadline is at 12:30. Don’t forget.”

The bell rings and the students file out to head to their next class.


Keep guessing who the culprit is! The answer will be revealed at the end of the month.