April Mystery Series: Part 3


Hanna Haeg

     The bell releasing the students from 4th period rang, and everyone began to head towards lunch. Mr. Miller was locking up his classroom when Sue’s voice came over the speaker. “Would the following teachers please report to the Weber Center? Mr. Yanke, Ms. Daiker, Ms. Johnson, Mr. Miller and Mr-” the speaker cut out.

     Feeling very confused, the teachers began to head towards the Weber Center. As they opened the giant doors and headed in, they realized that the Weber Center was dark and empty. The door suddenly closed on them and Mr. Miller appeared on the stage.

     “You all have things of mine,” he announced, “and I would like them back very much.”

     “What are you talking about, Mr. Miller?” asked Mr. Yanke. “You emailed me saying that I could use the Van de Graaff generator for my flying pie tin experiment.”

     “And you emailed me about the using the old knowledge bowl trophies for scrap metal,” Mrs. Johnson added.

     “No I didn’t!” Mr Miller protested. “I would never let anyone take the Knowledge Bowl trophies for scrap! As for my Van de Graaff generator, what does that have to do with Chemistry?”

     “Well, you see–”

    “Never mind! Ms Johnson, you spilled your tea on my tests when you were stealing my trophies!”

    “I did not!”

     “You did, too!” Mr. Miller raised his voice and thrusted the tests at Ms Johnson. “Look at these.”

     Ms Johnson raised her eyebrows. “Miller, these aren’t tea stains. These are coffee stains.”

     A slow applause came from the back of the room and the teachers turned around and saw the entire ninth grade class clapping.

     Ms. Daiker was the first to recover her wits. “What are you students doing here?” she asked. “This is a teachers meeting only.”

     “They are here because I invited them,” said a robotic voice, breathing heavily. The teachers turned once more and saw Darth Vader standing behind them.

     The helmet popped up and the teachers gasped. “Mr. Nydeen?!” they all shouted in unison.

     The sith teacher nodded his head. “My apologies for spilling your morning coffee on your tests,” he said to Mr. Miller. “But I needed to hack your email account to pull all of this off.” He directed his attention to the students. “This concludes our torture unit for the year.” He announced. “Thanks to my first period class for giving me the idea to do a speciality presentation on Psychological Warfare. You may return to your lunches.”

     The freshmen applauded once more and all but two returned to their lunches. Mr. Nydeen held out his hand. “Do you have it?”

     The students nodded and one of them reached her hand out and handed him pocket sized package. “Here you go Darth Nydeenicus,” she said.

     “Thank you,” he graciously replied. He turned towards the science department, who looked at him, eyes blazing. “I’m sorry for inconveniencing you all,” Darth Nydeenicus said, “but I couldn’t think of a better way to prove to my classes how easy it is for friends and colleagues to turn on each other without reason. As a gift to express my sorrows for troubling  you all, I asked Ms. Daiker to email some students to bring in some scrap metal for Mr. Yanke and Ms. Johnson. You two should find it easier to present your experiments and Darth Day presentations.”

     Mr. Yanke pressed his lips together and nodded, while Ms Johnson crossed her arms. Mr Miller spoke up. “What about my clock Mr. Nydeen?”

     Ms Daiker raised her hands in surrender. “Okay, that one was all me. I took the clock down and threw it in my desk drawer so you would get a clock that wouldn’t drive me crazy.”

     Mr. Miller chuckled. “I kind of figured that one was you Daiker,” he admitted. “But can I have my clock back?”

     “Of course you can, Miller.”

     Just then, the bell rang and the teachers jumped out of their chairs and made a dash towards their classrooms, with the exception of Mr. Nydeen, who paused and looked at the package he had received. “Finally,” he whispered. “It’s mine. All mine!”