Meet Ms. McCarthy


The first smiling face you see as you walk into Prep is that of Pamela McCarthy, the recently appointed principal of our school. Filled with energy and excitement for the upcoming year, Ms. McCarthy told me a little about herself and her plans for Prep.

Originally from Massachusetts, Ms. McCarthy has also lived in New York, spending her time cooking, traveling, and reading, specifically The Catcher in the Rye. She has been on safari in Zimbabwe, visited South America and Europe, and has spent weeks in Truro, Massachusetts, in a cottage with her grandparents that will always hold a place in her heart.

Our new principal loves outdoor activities including hiking, kayaking, and skiing. The open, woodsy environment Saint John’s is surrounded by is one of the many reasons Ms. McCarthy was drawn to Prep. However, the people in Prep made the lasting impression. She loved seeing the dedication and passion the students, faculty, and administration showed during her visit. Three days into the school year, Ms. McCarthy loves seeing the exemplary behavior the student body shows.

Ms. McCarthy plans on spending her first year experiencing the different aspects of Prep. She looks forward to seeing students in class and learning about the inner workings of Prep.

She leaves me with a piece of advice for the Class of 2017: Be the best person you can be. Try new things and don’t be afraid to fail. Take advantage of the opportunities around you. Be kind to yourself and others.

Ms. McCarthy wants everyone to know she is approachable. She is excited when students problem solve and approach her with solutions. Don’t be afraid.

Ms. McCarthy, from me and the editors of Prep Post, have a great first year.