Is the Pokémon Go Trend Over?


Although Pokémon Go shattered Apple’s records for the most downloads during its launch week, it seems as though the popularity of the app has declined. When Pokémon Go was released on July 6th, 2016, the popularity of the beloved game skyrocketed. Public parks and city streets were filled with people using the app. Even third-party apps were made to track the fictional characters. Now, Pokémon Go isn’t played nearly as much as it was when it was initially released. In fact, when a classroom of about twenty students was surveyed, nearly all of the students claimed that they had the game, but no longer play it, despite the fact that they go to school on a campus with over twenty Pokéstops. One student even replied, “Pokémon Go is dead. Bury it.”  Although the game was once wildly popular, it seems as though the world has moved on.

Pokémon Go is dead. Bury it.”