Frost: a short story

Frost: a short story

Halloween was always a favored holiday at West Hills High, but this year felt different. Wrong, somehow. The lights everywhere were dimmed, it was pitch black outside, and everything felt cold. It was only the end of October, so no snow had fallen yet. It should have been bright and sunny outside. At least that’s what the weather forecast had said. No one at the school seemed to care though. They all showed up oblivious and dressed in their costumes.

“Dude, does something seem off today? It seems so dark and cold,” a sophomore, Jeremy said to his friend Jax, a junior, as they walked through the halls.

“Maybe a little, but it’s probably nothing,” Jax replied.

“You think it’s an early senior prank?” Jeremy continued.

“Could be, but isn’t it really early for senior pranks?”

“You’re right. Senior pranks are usually in May, and it’s only October.” Before Jeremy could offer another possibility, the first bell rang, indicating that they had five minutes to get to homeroom.
“I’ll talk to you at lunch. Let me know if you think of any other possibilities,” Jeremy said as he took off toward homeroom.

Jeremy arrived in his homeroom with three minutes to spare and decided to pull out his laptop to do a bit of research. He opened the fastest search engine he had access to and typed in “mysterious darkness and chill in the air.” He wasn’t sure what would show up, but there definitely wasn’t anything he was looking for. Not on the first page at least. When Jeremy reached the fourth page of his search, something was mentioned about what could be going on when there’s an eerie darkness all around and a strange chill in the air. He clicked the link and refreshed it several times before realizing that the page was fully loaded and extremely short. Just as Jeremy was about to start reading, Ms. Maria walked in the door and the bell rang to start homeroom. Jeremy put his laptop away and watched as Ms. Maria silently counted all the kids in the room.
“Alright, it looks like everyone’s here today, including a new student. Everyone, please welcome Gil… Guil… Do you pronounce your name ‘gillow’ or ‘guillow’?” Ms. Maria said to the class, but specifically to the new student.

“Actually, it’s pronounced ‘geeyo’, as in guillotine. But it’s still spelled G-U-I-L-L-O.” A young-looking girl chimed in from the back of the class.

“Oh, that’s funny. It says that your middle name is Tina. Guillo Tina?” Ms. Maria giggled.

“Yes. My parents are strange people.”

“And what’s your last name? It’s not on the paper.”

“Oh, um, John. Yeah, Guillo John.”

Jeremy had been watching the girl very closely in this moment, and it looked like she had taken a moment to invent a last name. To an unsuspicious person, it might look like she momentarily forgot her last name, but Jeremy had been looking out for anything suspicious. The boy took a moment to study the girl. She had a square face with milky white skin and a lemonade tint to her cheeks. Even though she claimed she was a teenager, her face was entirely blemish-free. Her thin almond eyes were steel blue and seemed to match her short platinum hair in a perfectly imperfect way. As far as Jeremy could tell, she was about five feet and eleven inches tall. Her arms, legs, and overall figure was rather slender. She was wearing an eggshell-colored sweater and raven-black jeans.
Jeremy’s glare was broken when the bell rang, signaling that the students had five minutes to get to first period. Jeremy tried to stand up and pick up his bag in one swift motion, but ended up tripping over his chair leg and dropping his messenger bag, spilling the contents. He began to pick up his notebooks, textbooks, and pencils, when he saw a pair of pale, slender hands assisting him. Glancing upward, he saw that the hands belonged to Guillo.
“Looks like you dropped this,” Guillo said as she handed Jeremy his books.

“Oh, uh, thanks,” Jeremy responded awkwardly. He looked up and made eye contact with the girl for a moment. It could have been because of distraction or tiredness, but Jeremy could’ve sworn that for a split second, Guillo’s eyes were white. Pure white. No pupil, no iris— just white. Jeremy blinked and shook his head, and Guillo’s eyes were back to normal, but nothing could remove that image of white eyes from his head.

“You okay?” Guillo asked casually. She must’ve noticed Jeremy’s moment of shock.

“Oh. Yeah, I’m fine. Just didn’t get much sleep last night,” Jeremy stammered.

“Okay, well, see you around,” Guillo said as she stood up. Jeremy knew that everyone at school would just assume that Guillo was just another new student, but he was going to be suspicious of her all day.

After homeroom, Jeremy had English, followed by Science, History, and Math. None of those classes were with Jax or his other friend Chassidy, or even Guillo. Due to boredom and lack of interest— or maybe the fact that there was research that needed to be done later— Jeremy’s morning classes seemed to go by even quicker than usual. The clock struck 12:00 and Jeremy raced to the cafeteria to meet up with Jax and Chassidy.

“Hey, guys!” Jeremy interrupted as he strolled towards his friends.

“Hey Jeremy!” Jax called to his approaching friend, “Chassidy was just telling me about her new favorite band.”

“I’m telling you, Jax! The American Spirit is the greatest band to ever exist! At least let me play you their song ‘Blond’,” Chassidy ranted.

“Whatever. Hey, have you guys seen the new girl?” Jax asked.

“Yeah. I have homeroom with her. I also have a theory that she might be responsible for the darkness and chill today,” Jeremy informed his friends.

“Oh, really? Why do you think that?” Jax and Chassidy said in near unison.

“Well, for starters, her name. I get that there are some strange parents, but to name your daughter Guillo Tina? That’s just insane. Plus, when she was introducing herself on homeroom, it sounded like she took a moment to invent a last name. I know it’s probably not that, but that’s what it sounded like,” Jeremy explained.

“Dude, listen to yourself. You’re making accusations. She’s probably just a new girl and we’re overreacting. Calm down, man,” Jax retaliated.

“But that’s not all. For a moment, I could’ve sworn her eyes were fully white. Like, she didn’t have pupils or irises,”

“That’s, like, the worst form of proof you’ve ever come up with. You see things all the time, and more often than not, you’re wrong.”

Upon hearing those words from Jax, Jeremy started to reflect on what he was saying. Inventing a last name? White eyes? That’s insane. What was he even accusing Guillo of being?

“You’re right. I don’t know what I’m saying. There’s nothing weird going on today. I’m just looking for a conspiracy,” Jeremy admitted.

At that moment, none other than Guillo walked toward the table Jeremy and his friends were sitting at.

“Do you guys mind if I sit here?” Guillo asked.

“Go ahead. I’m Jax, and this is Jeremy and Chassidy. You know, we were just talking about you,” Jax said.

“Oh. What about me?”

Jeremy was about to respond but Jax beat him to it.

“Jeremy thinks you’re involved in some sort of conspiracy he created. Just because it’s a little dark and cold today,” Jax answered, expecting the group to laugh it off.

Instead, Guillo replied with, “Oh. So you’ve noticed.”

To be continued…