Terror at Crossroads: A Student Perspective

Terror at Crossroads:  A Student Perspective

Crossroads Mall is a hotspot for teenagers and families alike. Many go to shop or just to hang out with friends. But what happens when a simple night out shopping lands you in a life or death situation? To find out, I interviewed a student (the student wished to remain anonymous) who had a first-hand experience with the stabbing incident at Crossroads in September.

It was a quiet Saturday night. The student was looking at jewelry with their mother in Macy’s and talking with the lady at the counter, who happened to be an alumni of Saint John’s Prep.  All of a sudden, they heard a lot of yelling, but shrugged it off and didn’t think anything of it. Soon after that, a man came into the room and screamed “Everybody get down!”  They immediately dropped to ground as shots were fired.

“We were on the ground and didn’t really know what to do. Then we heard a man scream, ‘I didn’t do anything! Stop shooting!’” said the student.  Next, the man started speaking in another language.  The student said although they didn’t know what the man was saying, he was mumbling to himself and they knew he was just across the counter from them.

“We were laying on the ground, praying that nothing was going to happen, when we heard another round of shots going off,” the student said. “All of a sudden, we heard things fall on the floor and then it got really quiet. It felt like an hour but it was like ten minutes, maximum.”

Finally, the off-duty police officer instructed everyone on the ground to get up and get out of the building. The employee and the student were guided through the shoe department and out the back door of the building.

“When we were walking out, there were like thirty police officers with machine guns escorting us out and pulling us out of the building. Luckily, we got out and we were safe,” the student stated. “It made me really grow perspective for my safety and other people’s. You hear these things happen. They happen a lot. But you never expect it to happen to you.”

The student said that they have a new level of respect for law enforcement and they realized how important police officers are. “The police officer was just at the mall. He saved our lives and I appreciate that.”