How Early Should We Start Christmas Music?

The statistics reveal a disturbing trend.

With Halloween recently over and the stress of the election still surrounding us, more and more people are looking forward to a time where the anxiety is low and the joy is high. No other period of the year represents that more than Christmas. From the delicious family meals to the crackling fireplaces, everything about Christmas highlights the most important thing humans can share: love. However, the magic of Christmas begins to fade when it becomes common at times when it really shouldn’t be.

Imagine this scenario. You are driving down to Coborn’s to pick up some groceries, only to turn on the radio and hear Christmas music playing, barely into the month of November. Instead of reminding me and many others about the joys soon to come, it frustrates us to think something so sacred is being tarnished. So in an attempt to combat this, I think a friend and I have come up with an ultimate guide to Christmas music. It allows for a steady transition from holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving to Christmas, without letting the music arrive prematurely or overstay its welcome.

As we all know, the month of December is completely fair game for Christmas music, but the trouble comes when sorting out November. The first two weeks of November are far too early, as we are just barely off the heels of Halloween.  A good place to start playing Christmas music is after Thanksgiving, when there are no more holidays before December. I believe that if this method is followed, the novelty and excitement of Christmas will hold far better than if music is played in the first weeks of November.