Everything You Need to Know about Finals


That dreadful time of the year is upon us: finals week. Exams, presentations, and projects loom over our heads, whether you’re a sixth grader or a senior. It’s the time of year when procrastination and mental instability is at its peak for everyone throughout the school.

“Why are finals even a thing?” This question enters everyone’s mind this time of the year. Most believe that it’s a way of making sure you’ve actually learned something throughout the semester. However, I personally believe that it’s just a punishment for receiving three weeks off for break. Why can’t we just have nice things?

Besides the looming threat of your grade going from an A to a D, finals also cause much disruption in life outside of school. This includes sleep deprivation and overuse of caffeine the next day. This lack of sleep stems from the sudden need to study a lot of material in a short amount of time. Of course, this ironically makes it harder to get a good grade due to exhaustion and the inability to think clearly.

Finals of course, are one of the most dreaded things about the school year. In fact, rather than be excited for the weeks of freedom coming up, most people are becoming more and more stressed about their exams. Most people are worried about their GPA, and of course, it’s always concerning when you find you need to get a 147% on the final to get an A.

Whether you need 147% or 50% to keep your parents from disowning you, just know that in the end it’ll all be okay. Just remember to study hard, get some sleep, and don’t panic too much. As soon as finals are over, there are three weeks of winter break waiting for you.