What Happened in 2016?


It can be said that 2016 was not the most popular year in memory for many people. Optimism for 2017 was already entering everyone’s minds as we approached the end of the year. I’m sure nobody will look back and say, “2016 was the best year of my life.”  However, it can be fun to reminisce on the good and bad.

The year started off with wild campaigning for the upcoming election. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were the main candidates from the Republican side while Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were striving to be the Democratic candidate. Of course, later in November, America went wild as Trump unexpectedly won the presidency.

As far as the animal kingdom goes, pandas made a comeback and were taken off the endangered species list. Of course, everyone found out the true home life down south when the “home wrecker penguin” video went viral. Later in the year, the “man punching the kangaroo” video also took off. However, the most popular trend of the year was the Harambe memes after a child fell into a gorilla pit in the Cincinnati zoo, ending in the death of the gorilla and causing an Internet uproar. Perhaps the year was just as shabby for our animal friends.

Social media took an interesting turn during 2016 as Vine, a once wildly popular video app, was taken down. However, another app that was almost immediately wildly popular was Pokémon Go, which appeared during the summer. Social media also had its place during the election between countless memes and Trump’s infamous twitter account. It really has taken a toll on our lives.

As everybody knows, the 2016 Olympics occurred in Rio de Janeiro. The United States brought it home with 121 medals. Way to represent. We also said goodbye to swimmer Micheal Phelps as he retired.

In Hollywood, we were all saddened to hear the power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting divorced. We also said goodbye to many beloved celebrities including Prince, Alan Rickman, and Carrie Fisher. 2016 was not very kind to us all.

All-in-all, 2016 was a wild year indeed. So, what is there to look forward to during 2017? It’s hard to say, but if it’s anywhere near as unpredictable as 2016, well, let’s just hope for the best.