Should celebrities voice their political opinions?


With their powerful influence, it is controversial whether or not celebrities should make political statements, especially at award shows such as the Grammy’s or Oscars. However, ultimately it is up to the person, as they have the freedom of being able to do so.

There is really no harm done to a movement when a celebrity endorses the opposite side. Anybody who listens to the celebrity and their opinions was already on that side anyway. When statements are made, it happens and typically people just move on with their lives. It doesn’t actually have any effect other than for the celebrity because of the chance that they will lose part of their fanbase.

When a celebrity makes a political statement, there is always backlash from the opposing side. It takes bravery to be willing to possibly give up part of a fanbase and end up with thousands of people telling you that you are “awful” or “uneducated.”  With that, it provides clarity for the hundreds of thousands of people who look up to that celebrity.

Finally, saying that celebrities shouldn’t be allowed to voice their opinions is a contradiction of the First Amendment. If they are a citizen of the United States, they have the same freedoms and rights as anybody else. Therefore, they can and should continue to be allowed to voice their opinions as they wish. If their rights are taken away, what kind of society does that leave?

Many people believe that celebrities have too much power and they should not voice their political opinions. In the end, this is not true at all. There really is no harm when a celebrity voices their opinion and they are brave for doing so. Their opinions are protected by First Amendment and a violation of that would contradict something that makes America great.