Two Truths and a Lie: A Peanut Butter-y Protest


In small-town Wisconsin, one environmental organisation’s meeting was disrupted by a fanatic anti-Trump protester. Christina Ferguson, a woman in her early thirties, ran into the meeting at 9:30pm with a family-sized jar of Jif creamy peanut butter, raving about how much she loved Hillary Clinton and hated Donald Trump. After Ferguson stormed out of the building, some committee members left the buildings to check on their cars.

Over 30 cars were found smeared and coated with smooth peanut butter. “Fortunately it wasn’t chunky peanut butter, so vehicles didn’t get scratched,” Deputy Dan Kontos told the Stevens Point City Times.

Ferguson was later found at her apartment, where she denied any involvement while allegedly licking her fingers. Officers pointed out that she interrupted a conservation meeting, not a Trump rally. She shrugged, admitting that she was “just fed up about the whole election.”

One jar of family-size, low-sodium, natural Jif peanut butter was removed from her apartment as evidence, but Ferguson’s stint in jail was a short one.