Norway gets a second doomsday vault


If the world as we know it suddenly came to an end, what would you consider the most valuable resource? Food? Water? Medicine? Well, for the Norwegians, it’s information. They have built a second doomsday vault about 600 miles from the Arctic.

In this vault, Norwegian company Piql has been storing data from various countries and transferring it onto film. This film is predicted to last 500-1000 years, the data being that about culture or various piece of information each country would like to preserve.

It’s hard to imagine a world where this vault would be needed, however it’s foolish to think that “doomsday” couldn’t happen. Some say doomsday “preppers” are lunatics; I say they’re smart but extreme. On one hand, if something did happen, where is everyone going to flock to? Them. However, there is a limit to how far one should maybe go.

Above all, being prepared is smart, even if just for a storm such as a tornado or hurricane. Hopefully, one will never have to use their stores of canned soup and bottled water and hopefully we’ll never actually need the vault, but it’s nice knowing it’s there.