What Should I do with the Money on My Card?

What Should I do with the Money on My Card?

Yes, it’s that time of year–the end of the academic year. With the remaining days shortening, there are many concerns in people’s minds:  finals, projects, etc. However, there is one that is much less considered but still very much an issue–what does one do with the remainder of money on their card?  Just to give you ideas, I have compiled a list.

-With Sexton now being closed, it’s a lot harder to spent the rest of your money. However, one way I noticed that you could’ve spent it was by buying 20 bags of beef jerky, much like the college gentleman I was able to observe.

-You could buy me lunch

-Give the money to a teacher and because their accounts carry over, try to remember to ask for the money back before they spend it.

-Buy every single sandwich in the snack bar. Just because you can.

-Buy a bunch of Oreos and attempt the Oreo dunk challenge. If you don’t know what that is, you probably have healthier habits than I do.

-Start saving for college by buying a bunch of Top Ramen now while you still have money

-Survive finals by buying a bunch of Starbucks Doubleshot coffee

There are numerous other things you could do, but hopefully one of these, and by that I mean buying me lunch, will appeal to you.