Coming Soon: Summer

Coming Soon: Summer

Well, everybody, we did it. We survived another academic year at Saint John’s Prep. Almost. Unfortunately, the hardest part is just ahead: finals. This is indeed a very busy time of year. Everybody is racing against the clock to finish papers, presentations, and projects. With that, teachers are cramming in last-minute units.

I give respect to the IB students. They spent the last couple weeks testing and have managed to keep themselves together enough to survive the rest of year.

For seniors, it’s the end of the long road. Now they’re grown adults going off across the country and perhaps the world. Funny thing is, when most of them started here, they were either a middle schooler or a freshman. Now they have to go off and vote and pay taxes. Good luck.

As for the rest of us, I think it can be said that we all need summer. Gloomy Minnesota winters have been combined with countless strenuous hours doing homework and writing essays. However, as much as most of us are looking forward to summer, it still feels like there’s a giant wall between now and then: finals.

Therefore, I say congratulations to everyone who sort of made it though this year. Whether this was your first year of many more or your last, be thankful that this one is coming to an end. Good luck on your finals and just remember, three whole months of freedom is coming very soon.