Prep Post History Moments

Prep Post History Moments

Who says that history moments are only for Prep Talk?  For my last Prep Post article, I decided to dig deep into Prep Post’s past and find some of the strangest, funniest things that have been written in years past.  And by that, I mean in 2013, because that was the furthest back that I could find Prep Post copies. (This was back when there was no website!)  Please enjoy this collection of Prep Post History Moments.

  • From a 2013 article by Marisa Gaetz: “Over half of survey responders claimed that their organization skills improved because of the iPads.”
    I must admit, this makes me wonder what our organizational skills must have been like before the iPads.
  • From a 2013 interview with Yichu Sterling Chen as a freshman: “He is looking forward to Minnesota’s snowy winter,” and his favorite part of Prep is “the university beach.”  The picture for the article is of him in a cow onesie.

One of the funniest parts of looking through old articles is realizing how little things change over the years, as can be seen from the quotes below.

  • From a 2013 article by Mark Ji: Students “offered opinions” that next year’s Homecoming could be better with “better food and music.”
    Thank you, students, for presenting this original opinion. On an unrelated note, this article featured a picture of Mr. Yanke in a Star Wars tie.
  • From a 2013 article by Emily Jolkovsky: A “favorite act” in the talent show was “Brenna Skahen’s singing.”
    Wait, that was my favorite act this year too!
  • From a 2013 article by Katy Walz about a 16-day U.S. government shutdown: “When thinking of the future, the fact that both parties were unable to reach a compromise can be aggravating.”
    Four years down the road, the only difference is that “aggravating” might not fully capture the feeling here.

Finally, my favorite set of discoveries from past year’s articles: really obvious statements. These are even funnier when taken out of context.

  • From a 2013 interview with Ms. Rueter: “When asked about her favorite subject in school, Ms. Rueter replied, ‘Math. I was always a math person.’”
  • From a 2013 article about healthy habits for the school year: “All I’m really trying to say is, when you have the chance to sleep, sleep.”

I hope you enjoyed these Prep Post History Moments!  Thank you to everyone who has read the Prep Post this school year.  Have a great summer!