The Alcuin Remodel: Back and Better than Ever


With the beginning of the new school year, all of us here at Prep are going to have to spend some of our precious free time studying. If you don’t have a huge desk at home or a preferred booth in the Local Blend, and even if you do, you should consider changing locations to the Alcuin. It’s right across from the Abbey and open almost all of the time to accommodate for the study schedules of crazy college kids. Not only is it in the perfect location, but it’s had some major upgrades. If you haven’t been in it yet this year, you might not even recognize it. Even my sister, a current junior in college, was awestruck when she first saw it.

She walked in, gasped, and said, “If I had known that the library was going to be this nice, I might have gone here.” Needless to say, the renovation was a definite improvement. Complete with bright, colorful couches and sleek, modern desks, the Alcuin has been completely revamped. Even the basement has had a facelift. However, the real gem of the remodel is the new addition to the library. This new attachment, the Schu, is unlike anything else on campus. Not only does it breathe new life into the historic campus, but it also has coffee. What could be better? Now, students are given the opportunity to do their homework in a sleek and sophisticated environment, chai in hand, surrounded by orchids. Did I mention that they have orchids?! I don’t know about you, but I know exactly where I’m going to be spending my opens for the next nine months.