Collegeville Colors Review


Cullin Egge, Editor

This year, Collegeville Colors turned a dreary, rainy day into a fun-filled extravaganza! Because of the rain, the University decided it would be best to move the event indoors — into the science building on campus. Despite the weather, the event had a spectacular turnout. There was a little something for everyone, too, including: hiking the trails, stopping at a petting zoo (outside, of course!), ┬álive music, a magician, interactive painting and poetry, bark and leaf rubbing, and last, but certainly not least, our very own World Club!

World Club did a fantastic job helping out at Collegeville Colors again this year. Students gave up their Sunday afternoon to be with our community — entertaining, smiling, and having a great time! Some even went out of their way to make yummy treats to share with the families. World Club also had many cultural display boards, representing the incredible diversity we have here at Prep. Little kids enjoyed coloring their own flags, and everyone was intrigued to see their names written in Korean and Arabic. Hyungku (Matt) Ham wrote names in Korean, and Leah Moss wrote names in Arabic. People also had the option of getting a henna tattoo, done by myself. All afternoon, music from all over the world could be heard throughout the halls, along with laughter and playful chatter. I think it’s safe to say we have some great students here at Prep and an even greater central-Minnesotan community. Events like this remind us to take time out of our busy schedules to enjoy nature and the company of others, and not only for the free hot chocolate and cookies!