Homecoming 2017 Ramp Up!


Lizzy Kolb, Editor

With the beginning of each school year comes the anticipation of the first major school celebration. Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a seasoned senior, homecoming is a time for everyone to forget about the pressure and stress of school and to have fun. As usual, there is plenty of hype surrounding this year’s homecoming dance, scheduled for October 14th. The theme this year is all things spy, and it’s no wonder that this is the theme — our student council representatives were very careful to keep it a secret. The week before it was announced, as soon as a representative or anyone on the executive council entered the fishbowl, they were swarmed by students, antsy to hear what the 2017 homecoming theme would be. The theme was announced on Monday, October 2nd at Preptalk with some stellar spy work by representatives Carlos Borgert and Mitchell Brown, secretary Tina Chen, and VP Caitlin Skahen. Needless to say, this dance will be more action packed than ever!

Unlike previous years, homecoming week this year will last for a week and two days. This is a result of the homecoming soccer games that had to be scheduled the week before the actual dance, but I don’t know anyone who would complain about having more wacky dress up days. Another new aspect of this year’s homecoming will be the fall festival on the night before the dance. Unlike the bonfires that Prep has held in years past, this will be an all school event and will feature live music by Mr. Miller’s band, Glowstick capture the flag, and, to the delight of many students, a food truck! While the school year might be amping up and our work as students is increasing, we can all look forward to the stellar night we will have at homecoming!