How to Halloween

How to Halloween

With leaves turning into glorious shades of red, orange, and yellow and a new-yet-familiar chill in the air, it’s clear the season of autumn is upon us. With fall comes Halloween, a holiday that many people consider one of their favorites. Why? Maybe it’s the idea of dressing up as anyone or anything or maybe its the social acceptance of eating an entire bag of fun sized candy. No matter the reason, I think we can call agree that Halloween is a pretty fun holiday. There are many factors that contribute to this–costumes, what candy to buy, what to do, etc. I know what you’re thinking: “Oh wise one, how can I make my Halloween epic in spookiness this year?”

First of all, there’s the costume. Sure, you might be thinking “Oh, I’m too cool for a costume.” Well, that’s not true. Nobody is too cool for a costume. As far as what costume to buy, it depends on what you’re going for. The classics are always a guarantee, those being things such as witches and ghosts. The trick is to be creative with it. No, this doesn’t mean wearing all black and saying you’re “the night.” That’s just lazy, and frankly, overplayed. The best costumes are the originals, not the ones you can buy at your local Party City. With that, if you’re thinking of going as Pennywise this year just because “It” came out, don’t. Everybody is going to.

Another factor of what makes an awesome Halloween is candy. In my opinion, this is the most important. Chances are you’re not going trick-or-treating this year because you’re “too old.” Why isn’t it socially acceptable for anyone above the age of 10 to go trick-or-treating? I don’t know about you, but that’s the whole reason I enjoyed Halloween as a kid. Why are little kids allowed to go up to people’s houses and beg people for candy, but when I do it, it’s “weird” and I “need to grow up”? I will not stand for this any longer. With that, if you are handing out candy, make sure it’s the quality stuff. Sure, it’s a little more expensive, but you can’t be the jerk that hands out tootsie rolls to everyone. I remember when I was young, I frowned upon those who gave me that cheap stuff and resented them until New Years’.

Aside from trick-or-treating (indisputably the best thing about Halloween), there are many different things to do. There’s the classic halloween party. Aside from a possibly awkward social gathering, there are haunted houses. Personally, I love haunted houses. Not only because they’re spooky, but because it’s funny to watch my friends scream. If you joke around with the characters, it can be a lot of fun, especially when they expect you to get scared and, instead, you give them a compliment on the beautiful jagged scar across their forehead or their effort in trying to kill you. All-in-all, haunted houses are pretty great.

In my not-so-humble opinion, Halloween is an amazing holiday. Little kids roam the streets in costumes their parents made them wear for a cute Facebook photo on the day that they’re encouraged to take candy from strangers. Meanwhile, adults who don’t have kids are either handing out candy, or, well, having a lot of fun. Just remember to be safe and help make Halloween great again.