Homecoming Review

Homecoming Review

Cullin Egge, Editor

This year homecoming was over a week long, spanning from the soccer double-header on Thursday, October 2nd, to the dinner and dance on Saturday, October 11th. The soccer games began with a 3-1 win from the boys over Minnewaska, and then a 0-0 tie for the girls and Zimmerman. Fitting to school-spirit day, there was great cheering and sportsmanship at both games. There was also a middle school soccer game and a swimming meet. The girls swimming team swooped Becker and finish undefeated at home for the season. Go Johnnies!

Friday afternoon, the school held it’s annual Prep Fest. This year, the homecoming theme was all things spies! The pep band kicked it off with some great spy-themed tunes, and then the freshmen, sophomore, and junior royalty were crowned. Next, the challenges and videos began. Boys soccer did a super competitive game of Heads Up, ending with a tie between boys soccer and girls swimming. Cross Country did a thrilling chicken nugget eating contest, Emma Henning eating 20 nuggets faster than both Kye Hyun Jo and Nate Salzl. She even had time to dip them in sauce! The girls tennis team brought up representatives from the fall activities, and Mr. Paulson, to give the school their best “tennis grunt.” Mr. Paulson won by a landslide. The girls swimming team shared a hilarious video about things swimmers say, think, and do. Finally, the senior homecoming royalty pairs duked it out in an epic battle of the spies. From popping a balloon without using your hands or feet to a makeshift laser maze, I don’t know who had more fun: the participants, or the audience? Friday was also dress like a teacher day, and the crowd favorite was Andrew Wenner dressed as Mr. Nydeen.

That night was the annual Talent Show at the Stephen B. Humphrey Theater. Each and every act was unique and fun to watch! The winners were singers Jack and Liam Rogers, followed by instrumentalists Ruonan Li and Emily Huang, and then illusionist Felix Huber. Monday was pajama day, a dress-up day enjoyed by students and faculty alike! For colloquium that day, we facetimed a Prep alum and listened to dorm staff and Prep alum JJ Roske — both sharing some of their experiences and giving great advice. Tuesday was twin and dress like your date day. I saw some nearly identical outfits that blew me away! Wednesday was a pretty miserable day because it was national testing day. Unless you’re a senior, then it was a pretty great day because you didn’t have school. Woo-hoo! Yay senior year! Thursday resumed hoco week with wacky day, reminding us all that no matter what we choose to wear in the morning, it could probably be worse. Friday was spy day, a.k.a. dress in all black or wear a suit day, because that’s pretty much what it was in a nutshell.

Friday evening we had a revamp of the former Bonfire Night, now called the Fall Festival. There was fantastic live music from not-yet-dead band Eon3, featuring Mr. Miller, hot chocolate, and a bonfire. All for free! This year, after a minor break down on the way, there was even a food truck! Lily’s Wings was a real crowd-pleaser. A massive game of glow-stick capture the flag finished the night off.

Finally, Saturday! Despite unfavorable weather, the show went on. A beautifully decorated Sexton Commons held students and faculty for the homecoming dinner, prepared by the lovely dining staff there. After a wonderful dinner, senior royalty was announced. This years winners were Queen Annie Ellis and King Gabriel Woodard! For most, the highlight of the evening was the dance. The energy in Brother Willie’s Pub was invigorating and exciting for not only students, but also teachers. Yes, Ms. Pasela and Mr. Paulson definitely stole the show with their sick moves and breakdancing. Life = made. As the night drew to a close, I think it’s fair to say everyone who came left with a grand smile on their face and memories they’ll never forget.

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