Update From The Students In Austria


Miranda Curnutt, Author

Every year, Saint John’s Prep sends a handful of students learning German across the Atlantic ocean to Melk, Austria. Those students experience a different country, culture, and language as they spend nine months staying with a host family and attending school in a 900 year old Benedictine Abbey. This exchange program has been in place since 1966, and it is one of the oldest high school exchange programs in the country.

This year, one former and three current SJP students said goodbye to Minnesota and hello to Austria. It has been about two months since they arrived in Melk, and each student is adjusting. “Everything around me is new and exciting and I’m trying to get as much out of this wonderful experience as I can,” Katie Miller, junior, says. Indeed, the exchange is an amazing opportunity—not only do students get to develop their German skills, they also are able to travel to many other countries in Europe. Though they miss their friends and family, and sometimes speaking a second language can be hard, the students are truly enjoying themselves and the learning experience.

The students still have seven more months in Austria—we wish them viel glück and anticipate their return this May!