12th Annual Choral Connections Review


Cullin Egge, Editor

Monday, October 30th brought about the 12th annual Choral Connections choir concert at Saint Cloud State University. SJP Choir director David Paulson brought 27 Concert Choir students, grades 9-12, to sing among many other talented local high school choirs. The annual concert is sponsored by the St. Cloud State University Department of Music, featuring their Concert Choir and Chamber Singers. Local high school choirs include St. Cloud Apollo, St. Cloud Cathedral, St. Cloud Tech, Sauk Rapids-Rice, Sartell, St. Johns Prep, and the Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota. Taking place in the Kimberly Ritsche Auditorium in Stewart Hall, self-directed a capella SCSU Chamber Singers opened up the concert with two songs, followed by Cathedral and then Tech, singing two and three songs, respectively.

Arguably one of the crowd favorites, Sartell high school was up next. They began their performance with a skillfully executed lullaby entitled “Dobbin’s Flowery Vale,” then blew the crowd away with their rendition of the Nightmare Before Christmas (medley). After their first song they took off their robes to unveil a plethora of elaborate and unique Halloween costumes. This was a very timely piece, considering Halloween was the following night. They even choreographed the entire song, integrating very dramatic moves all the while singing a great piece. Next was Sauk Rapids-Rice, singing three wonderful songs. Then came the Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota, an auditioned female-only ensemble. They sang two lovely, smooth, and upbeat songs.

Saint John’s Prep choir came next, singing three contrasting songs. First, they sang “Carnavalito,” a hype song with great dynamics and slick choreography. The next song was “You Will Reap What You Sow,” a smooth ballad featuring soloist Gabriel Woodard throughout. To finish off, the choir performed their hit “Kanaval,” being sung both last year and this year. The choir will perform the dramatic song throughout the year and on their Interim trip to Chicago. It features great choreography, another solo by Gabriel, and is an overall very dynamic festival song. After Prep, Apollo sang three excellent songs. The St. Cloud State University Concert Choir concluded the concert with three fantastic pieces that showcased all of their wonderful talent.

“[You] did an outstanding job,” said David Paulson the following morning in class.  He commented that they were “expressive, engaged, and entertaining.” In conclusion, he stated, “you should be proud and pleased.” The concert was a joyous time for all involved, and was a spectacular event for friends, family, and all singers and directors to enjoy and remember for years to come. For seniors, it was their last performance at SCSU with the Prep choir. For everyone else, until next year!