The World Series: In a Nutshell

The World Series baseball games, which were started in 1903, are a great American tradition that helps bring families together to cheer on their favorite teams. This year’s games were between the National League, represented by the L.A. Dodgers, and the American League, represented by the Houston Astros. Five of the seven games were won by two runs or less, except for games four and seven. There were a wide variety of scores from 3-1, all the way to 13-12. Matthew Bolton said his reaction to the World Series was a shock and a tinge of disappointment at the loss of the Dodgers. Mr. Grandy was hoping for the Dodgers to win because that was Jackie Robinson’s team, but he was not completely dejected when the Astros won because they had never won a World Series. He said that they have talented players with compelling stories, and they built their team from the ground up. Not only is it an underdog story, but the win for Houston provided a ray of hope for those whose lives were affected by the hurricanes.