Living the Prep Legacy


November at Prep is a busy time, to say the least. Students are excited in anticipation of Thanksgiving break but are dreading the pain of finals that is sure to come afterwards. As fall sports celebrate their growth over the season, winter sports begin practices, anxious to get a taste of competition for the first time this year. The first Coffeehouse comes and goes along with the first snowfall on campus. Underclassmen quietly observe the stress that ensues while the seniors scramble to finish college apps as well as the relief that comes with every acceptance letter. However, if you’re like me and have had your nose in a book trying to do research on how you are supposed to be surviving on only four hours of sleep, you could easily forget that November is one of Prep’s most special months: it’s legacy month! With this academic year, our school celebrated its 160th birthday. Our school is SO old. It’s crazy to think that 160 years ago, the first Prep students started a legacy that, although unknown to them, would continue on for many generations after their graduation. Sometimes it intimidates me, looking back on all of the Prep alumni who have come before me and seeing all that they have accomplished. Their ability to use the tools they learned in our Benedictine community to change the world around them is truly astonishing, and while there are hundreds of alumni that I will never be able to meet, the ones that have been a part of my life have definitely left a resounding effect on who I am as a person. For instance, my sister Sarah ’11 and Spencer Larson ’09 are both serving in Afghanistan right now, which is fitting to mention since Veteran’s day was also in November. Not only have they both completed their academic careers at incredible universities, but now they are truly living out the global perspective that they gained from their time at Prep. Were they the most successful or most popular people in their graduating classes? I’ll never know, but even if they didn’t win all of the awards or letter in all of the sports Prep had to offer, the things that they took with them after their graduation are more meaningful than any letter jacket could hope to be: a global perspective and a strong set of Benedictine values. Even though they might not be consciously thinking of the red posters that hung around the Weber center when they help a stranger or find the solution to a problem, those Benedictine values and global perspectives that they gained during their time at Prep will travel with them, wherever they might end up in the world. While my future plans might not take me to the Middle East, I truly hope that in a couple years, when I can say that I am a Prep grad, I will be able to live out the values that I’ve learned here and make the Prep community proud. I know Sarah and Spencer definitely have.