How to Stay (Mostly) Sane During Finals Week


Miranda Curnutt, Author

Another year, another finals week. Generally, this means panicked cramming for your finals while wondering how the time slipped away from you. Finals week may make you want to fall apart completely, drop out of school, and escape to Canada to start a new life where you won’t have to take finals–but never fear! Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep it together throughout finals weeks.

  1. Create your own study guide. This can help you understand the material better by outlining information you find important. Let’s be real though, not everyone can find the energy to create a whole new study guide, so another option is reorganizing your notes, focusing on important dates, concepts, and definitions.
  2. Prioritize your study time.  Not every exam will need the same amount of study time, so prioritize the exams that will be the hardest and/or worth the most of your grade.
  3. Teach someone else.  Another way to study that really helps is teaching someone else a concept you’re learning. This reinforces the idea in your mind, and you can teach someone else something they didn’t know (and probably don’t care about, but if it helps you study…)
  4. Take breaks. I’m not talking about “Oh, I’ll just check my phone for two minutes” and two minutes turns into two hours breaks. However, you also won’t be able to understand everything at once. Taking a five or ten minute break for every forty-five minutes of studying gives your brain some time to rest.
  5. Stay well-rested.  Your body needs to be well-rested, too. Make sure you get enough sleep so you can be fully focused during your exam.
  6. Hydrate! Drinking water increases energy and reduces fatigue. Also, it can help replenish all the moisture lost during your crying session (no judgement).

Although finals are hard, with these tips they can be a little easier. And just remember, you only have to get through this one terrible, torturous week, and then there are three glorious weeks of Christmas break. Good luck.