The Town-A Short Story, Part 2

Will Taft

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​ This is standard human. Now before you assume anything about this being, understand his culture. He is from “The Town,” a strange place that is so far off, the directions there have been long forgotten in the wrinkles of time and strange dark anomalies. In this town, expect the unexpected so that the unexpected is unexpected in an expected way.
​ Standard human or “Stan,” grew up in a loving home provided by his parents. At this time, the town was experiencing a purge of all government figures as the rotten root of the past corrupt officials had been pulled, creating a power void, a literal dark glistening void, that trapped Stan and his parents, Luke and Ruby, in their house for weeks. During this time, Stan unfortunately disobeyed the law and committed acts of making art, writing, and reading, but luckily for him this is what caused him to start to peel away from the mainstream thoughts, ideas, and ignorance that was exhibited by the rest of the town.
​ By the time Stan reached high school, he had managed to evade the annual assignment days where the kids of the school were mandated to an assortment of groups that make up the hidden tile work, covered up by the outward appearance of the day to day life of the town. These secretive and threatening organizations are a necessity to the economical prosperity of the town, due to the fact that the town has no exports other that inter-planar beings that carry objects of undisclosed importance from lands well unknown. But Stan still blossomed without ever committing to secretly aiding the wellbeing of the town.
​ He graduated a year earlier than all of his other classmates, and due to his increased surplus of free time, started rallying the local population to share the common dissatisfaction on the continuing absence of no publicly open government to command the masses. With this, just one month out of all schooling, he started his legendary campaign for mayor. Now some say that this was a great idea due to the lack of competition, stating “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?” But Standard never wavered his public speeches, as he knew that unlike the others following him, that nothing ever happens without resistance. This was wise because just before the last public debate before the election, a strange occurrence tipped the scale.
​From the various rifts in space crawled forth tall, dark, slender creatures, lacking any facial features but roaring with their spine filled mouths. The vast numbers of them immediately out numbered the small town but before panic of the townspeople could break out, a human figure emerged from the mass of beasts. He introduced himself as Sabastion Ushler and said he represented the people. So from that moment on, the race had meaning indeed.
​ It all came down to the final day, where the townsfolk had to make the decision between Standard Human and People. But only seconds before the first ballot was to be filled out, the creature of darkness swarmed and grappled Stan, dragging him screaming as the entities of horrors melted back into the rifts in time and space, back to whatever they originated from. This caught the town of guard and as would make common sense, they voted for the mayor who had not abandoned them to explore the depths of the darkness, thus completing the election of Sabastion Ushler. He then later deemed that very day Grook Day for unknown reasons, and we celebrate the triumph of People in tremendous fear of the beings that took our beloved Stan. As for where Stan is now, only the being that took him knows. We’ve tried to reach one for questions but found that all interns sent out on Grook Day have not yet returned. So that, my dear readers, is where the story ends. Thank you for taking the time to read this mandatory history report.
Your faithful news writer,
Henery Potswell

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The Town-A Short Story, Part 2