New Semester, New Me?


Well, it’s a new semester. Yikes. We have four and a half more months of school before summer. How does one even begin to think about surviving that? How do we make this semester better?

It helps to remember that, to some extent, spring semester is a fresh start. Our report cards have clean slates. Despite the fact that most classes we are taking are year-long courses, it is a little different than last semester. There is a new chance to either redeem honor from last semester’s failures or keep making yourself look awesome.

On the flip side, there are negative aspects to having to restart. In my opinion, I think the hardest part about second semester is resilience(aka trying not to throw yourself down the stairs or in front of the Link to get out of school). Every week, you have to tell yourself, “I just have to get through this week.” I would easily say that the second semester is always more difficult. Aside from the fact you’re mentally begging for the sweet release of summer, the material is harder, and the semester is actually longer. By the end, you’re so delusional from the fact you haven’t slept in four months that you can’t even remember if you did your homework.

As a sophomore, I have to imagine that second semester is much easier when you’re a senior. The senior slide has officially commenced. Well, aside from the IB Students, with the fact they still are working hard so they can get their diplomas. My condolences.

All in all, I think the most important thing is to sorta-kinda maybe keep at least a little of your spirits up. The semester is one less you’ll have until graduation. For the seniors, it’s the last one. Well, before college. Good luck with that. Anyhow, just keep the grind up, and you’ll do just fine.