Baffling Winter Weather


Miranda Curnutt, Author

The new year often brings resolutions, promises of change, and hopes for a new start…and plummeting temperatures, if you were in Minnesota, or any of the Midwestern states affected by the cold snap. The first weeks of January brought the coldest air of the season, with many places across the Great Plains experiencing feels-like temperatures twenty to forty degrees below zero. This drop in temperature was a result of the disruption of the polar vortex, according to the Weather Channel. The polar vortex acts as a wall to block off cold arctic air; however, this year, the vortex was displaced to Eurasia, drawing cold air to the Lower Forty-Eight states.

Just when we all thought we would never feel warmth again, the weather surprised us with an upward jump in temperature for the past week, with temps reaching a practically balmy forty degrees Fahrenheit. Mid-thirty temperatures are projected to last into the next week, but don’t expect them to last very long; winter storm Jaxon is expected to bring freezing rain, snow, and sleet into the northern United States, leading to blizzard conditions in the Midwest. Jaxon has already brought a foot of snow to the western states, so maybe Saint John’s Prep will have a snow day–even if it means we’ll have to give up our nice weather.