Interim 2018


With the start of the spring semester, one of the most anticipated times of the year draws ever nearer: interim. For many, interim is almost like an early spring break. It acts as an escape to those caught up in the busy routine of all of their normal Prep classes. In all of the years past, interim has consisted of many different four-day curriculums hosted by various faculty members. The choices vary from a week long trip to London to a crash course in personal finance. While not all of the options are appealing to everyone, you can usually find something fun to do, unless all of the good spots are taken before you get there (sorry freshmen). However, this year is a little different. Instead of interim being only four days long, it has changed to be a full week, getting rid of the coveted Friday free time on the tail end of the week. The attendance requirements for interim are also becoming a bit more rigid this year. While in years past interim was sometimes used as a time for possible college visits, this year, attendance for all five days is what I would call “highly encouraged.”

As is true in any change, there are people on both sides of the fence when it comes to whether or not the change is welcome. Those going to Peru or to Chicago for the music trip have a fairly positive view, as one might expect. “I think it’s going to be fun,” says Olivia Schleper ’19. However, she is going on the music trip, and I don’t know many people who would say that going on a road trip with their friends wouldn’t be fun. Caitlin Skahen, another junior who is also going on the music trip, has a slightly different opinion. “Honestly, I’m annoyed that we don’t have the Friday off, but it’s[the music trip] what’s gotten me through the first semester this far.” Although Skahen is excited for her interim, she definitely sympathizes with those of us who will have to spend our time at school.

Students aren’t the only ones who miss the Friday off. “I miss the four days,” said Ms. Pasela who is taking part in a Psychology interim this February. However, while most people are sad about not having Friday to relax at home, some people feel as though they could be using the time productively. Katie John ’19 says, “We should be able to go on college visits. If I’m going to miss school, I don’t want to miss important classes.” As a busy Prep student, it’s hard to find time to visit colleges. When most of the major holidays are already filled to the brim with detailed to-do lists, many are left with their only option being to visit colleges during the school, and as every student knows, missing major classes can be ridiculously stressful.

Whether you’re galavanting around Machu Picchu or studying for the ACT, I hope that you can make the best of your interim because hey, at least we don’t have to go to regular class.