A Play in Four Days: Alice in Wonderland


Over Christmas break, some Middle School students rehearsed and performed a one act play in four days, Alice in Wonderland. This was the first time we’ve done this, but we hope to make it an annual event. The time constraint was intense, but it was worth it to see the smiles and hear the laughs from the audience. Our director was SJU theater major Andrew Noah, who had studied directing but had not put on a one act play with crazy middle schoolers before. All the cast members were so fun to work with. They were excited to be there and running through scenes with them was so much fun! Some cast members provided comments on their experience.
Nora Miller said that she absolutely loved working on this play. She liked that everyone took the play seriously and lived up to the director’s expectations. Her favorite part of the experience was being able to put on a show for friends and family. She also enjoyed spending time with friends, meeting new people, and playing different characters in different situations.
Cullin Egge and Gabe Woodard managed backstage, props and costumes. Cullin said that he loved working with the Middle Schoolers. He said, “I’ve never done a camp like this before, so it was an awesome experience. I also had never stage managed before, which was a lot of work but paid off in the end. Working with all of the students was a blast as well.” He said that it took a lot of time out of his Christmas break but that it was a blessing to see the immense progress that the students made from day one to day four.
Some audience members gave me their opinions on the performance. Eighth-grader Kai Martinson said that he had seen the 1951 animated Disney version and greatly enjoyed this scaled-down version of the story. Ms. Noska said that her favorite part of the play was the Mad Hatter Tea Party scene. She felt empathy for Alice in her desire to make sense of all that was happening to her. Ms. Noska enjoyed seeing all of the actors work together to portray the whimsical tale. She couldn’t believe it was all put together in four days.