Winter Netflix Reccomendations


Cullin Egge, Editor

As we make our way through yet another chilly February here in Minnesota, I couldn’t see it any more fitting of a time to present just what I know you’ve all been waiting for… my Top 15 Netflix Shows to Binge On A Cold Winter Day. Original title, right? As you read this list, please keep in mind that these are shows I have watched and thoroughly enjoyed, and are only based on my opinion and biases. I did, however, do my best to include a little something for everyone. I would, and frequently do, highly recommend many, if not all, of the shows on this list to anyone. Now, grab your mugs and blankets, because with this list, you’ll never want to get up off of that couch! (As if we ever want to anyway)

15Zumbo’s Just Desserts:

This is a favorite of mine simply because of how cool it is. 12 Australian bakers attempt to recreate amazing desserts using high-tech and sometimes magical techiques that are sure to blow your mind. I am a sucker for cooking shows, and this is simply one of the best! 1 season, 12 episodes total.

14– Tales by Light:

This reality documentary tells stories of photographers who travel the world. Each episode focuses on a different photographer and their story. It is really neat to see the techniques behind some amazing photos and the stories they tell. From underwater shipwrecks to Holi Festival in India, there are some very neat adventures to see. 2 seasons, 12 episodes total.

13– Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee:

Honestly, what could be better than that. If you’re in for a laugh, this is the show for you. Host Jerry Seinfeld interviews any and everyone and makes you laugh until you cry while he does it. You’ll never get sick of this one. 4 seasons, 60 episodes total.

12– Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:

This comedy series tells the story of Kimmy Schmidt taking on New York City after being held underground in a bunker for 15 years by a doomsday cult in Indiana. Wild, I know. It’s hilarious and upbeat nature will have you asking for more! 3 seasons, 39 episodes total.

11– Parks and Recreation:

A very funny series that has a wild, twisting and turning storyline about a Parks and Rec. office. At the end of the day, this is just a very light-hearted and comedic show to lighten your spirits anyday. 7 seasons, 122 episodes total.

10– The End of the F***ing World:

Although short and sweet, this is a good one. The story follows a pair of broken, misfit teenagers running away from society. On top of being funny, there is also some pretty great commentary, editing, music, and videography. It received a lot of hype when it was released, and rightly so! 1 season, 8 episodes.

9– The 100:

Here we have a rec. for those sci-fi lovers out there. I fell in love with this show because of the action and nerve-wracking plot. After Earth because completely uninhabitable, 4,000 survivors live on 12 space stations orbiting the planet. 100 juvenille delinquents are sent down to Earth to test living conditions; the fate of their entire civilization in their hands. This series is incredible, and I’m still sitting around waiting for more. 4 seasons, 58 episodes total.

8– Sherlock:

Classic crime-solving team Sherlock Holmes and John Watson sleuth around the UK in this well-known series based on the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I am currently watching this show, and absolutely love it. I’m always on the edge of my seat, and can’t get enough of the witty bits of humor thrown in every now and then. If you like crime shows, I reccomend this one for you! There is a storyline, but it’s msotly episode-by-episode style. 4 seasons, 13 episodes.

7– The Fosters:

How much do you know about the foster care system in the U.S.? I probably knew as much as you do now before watching this show. It bends and pulls your heart in all sorts of directions as you watch the life of the Addams-Foster family and their adopted chidlren struggling to fit in and discover who they are, all the while giviing insights into the terrible foster-care system in the U.S. I definitely binged this one, and, after one episode, you probably will want to too. 5 seasons, 91 episodes.

6– Queer Eye:

This is the remake of the classic series in which a group of gay guys barge into the lives of straight men who desperately need life makeovers. Culture, interior design, grooming, style, and cuisine are the specialties of the “Fab 5,” who help out the straight men stuck in life crises. They change the lives of their clients, both inside and out. This one is a tear-jerker, both in a funny and emotional way. You’ll feel all sorts of emotions watching! Very highly reccomended. 1 season, 8 episodes.


5– How to Get Away With Murder:

Another crime show! Ah! This one is more storyline and plot based, rather than episode-by-episode as Sherlock is. It follows Annalise Keating, a law professor and defense attorney who teaches a class called How to Get Away With Murder. She selects a handful of gifted infividuals to accompany her on various cases. Mysteries arise that test everyone’s limits and keep the audience on the edge of our seats! It’s a nail-biter, folks. 3 seasons, 45 episodes.

4– Shameless:

This hilarious and emotional series will own you for months. It is a very long series, but that did not stop me from binging! I spent 3 months watching no shows but this, because it is that good. It tells the story of the Gallagher family and the adventures of a poor, broken home in Chicago. Fiona, the oldest of six children, becomes responsible for her siblings as her dead-beat parents become unable to provide. A bit of advice before you begin the binge: you’ll love and hate everyone at some point. That’s just truth. Buckle in, because Shameless is a wild and emotional ride that you won’t want to miss! 7 seasons, 84 episodes.

3– Stranger Things:

If you haven’t seen this show yet, or at least heard all of the hype about it, where have you been? This show deserves all of the hype it gets. There’s honestly just nothing else out there like it! After a young boy goes missing, his mother and group of friends launch a thrilling investigation to find him, in which they discover a world of mysterious happenings involving secret government experiments and unsettlingsupernatural forces. A must watch, for sure. 2 seasons, 17 episodes.

2– Dear White People:

Based on the film of the same name, this series follows the story of a group of fed-up students of color at an Ivy League university. They are subjected to cultural bias and social injustice, among other terrible things. The series uses irony, brutal honesty, and humor to highlight issues that still plague today’s “post-racial” society. Please, watch this. Everyone living in the 21st century needs to see this. 1 season, 10 episodes. 

1– Black Mirror:

Each episode features the collective uneasiness of the unknown future and possibilities of technology, otherwise known as “techno-paranoia.” This science-fiction thriller will haunt you, but beg for your attention. It satirically and suspensefully makes you ask the questions you don’t want to ask about what the future holds for us, living in an age controlled by technology. It’s wonderfully created, shot, and edited, and I love that each episode is so different. This is, undoubtedly, my favorite show to date.