Setting the Stage for a Greener Future


The Olympics are a time for all of the nations of the world to come together. Regardless of foreign policy disputes or disagreements between leaders, athletes from all over the globe come to the same country to represent their nations, bridging the gap between cultures and ideas. Although we tend to try to set aside political differences during this time, there are some issues that we, as a human race, need to face together. Despite the fact that we might not get along very well, we all live on the same planet, and it is our job to protect it.

This year, Toyota took advantage of this sense of unity to promote its message of creating a greener world. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of climate change and all of the damage being done to our planet, Toyota decided to use the beloved Winter Olympics to its advantage. The commercial didn’t have any images of melting icecaps or garbage floating through the ocean. Rather, it captured moments of our favorite winter activities, ice skating in particular. It showed a little girl made of ice skating across a frozen pond. During the commercial, this child began to cry, as if she was melting along with our planet’s ice caps. However, as the narrator discussed ways for us to help the earth, the teardrop turned into a snowflake, illustrating that we do have the power to help our world. Instead of reminding us of how harmful we have been to our planet, Toyota called us to take care of the earth by making decisions with the future of our planet in mind. It hinted at the fact that if we aren’t careful, the world that is so celebrated during the Olympics might not have the brightest future. Although it’s heartbreaking that a message such as this has to be played at all, if we want to be able to continue celebrating our world, the message needs to be heard.